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Capture those Unforgettable Moments with Photobooth

A photo booth for private gatherings and any events like wedding is a latest trend these days. The photobooth concept adds a lot of entertainment texture to any celebration or gathering. Guest gets a fun corner to enjoy and such a different idea is eye catching; people appreciate the host’s efforts. Reason behind success of photo booths is that it gives you moments which can become memories forever. Photo booths allow you to enjoy a certain atmosphere while getting clicked. Corporate and wedding photo booth is very common these days.

If you have any thought that people won’t use it or something, then don’t worry it is very unlikely to happen. Photo booths are exactly amazing like dance floors, people might feel shy but they will definitely enjoy it after a while. Photo booth is the place where people enjoy being clicked and have fun, so it is a sure shot success for any type of event.

Nowadays, photobooths are theme based with colorful props and unique ambience. A particular set of certain theme is created by professionals and you can click photographs there. There are many themes for photo booths; Retro, traditional, black and white and vintage photobooth are some of them. Often photo booths are provided by photographers or by photo studios, which makes it even more convenient for people. Pictures from the photo booths are often instant so there is possibility photographer will give you print before your event comes to the end.

Idea of photo booth sounds like an expensive one, because making of a photo booth of certain theme along with high-tech cameras and expensive lighting can come hard to your pocket. But solution for this little issue is you can always hire a photo booth. There are professionals who provide portable photo booths on affordable rates. Benefits of those portable, rentable and affordable photo booths includes; easy availability, installation and removal of setup don’t take much time, photo booths can be installed anywhere, and it’s a treat for both host and guest.

Team BAWE (Black and White Events) provides you photo booths on rent. They are professional photographers also so they can give you both the services. Photobooth company provide photo booths for weddings, corporate parties, products launches, award ceremonies, private parties and all other type of events.

About Team BAWE:

Team BAWE is an Ireland based business that provides photobooth cork and photography services. Hire them for any special occasion and they will give you best experience. With their quality work they can take care of your entertainment corner. Know more about them on their website:

How Vintage Photobooth can Create a Lively Vibe at your Party?

Private gatherings can be boring. People get bored socializing after a while and need to be on their own or with close friends and family with whom they like to spend their time with. This is where they can be their silly self and not a social being. This sort of approach makes people uncomfortable in parties and hinders them from having fun to the fullest. The fake smile in photographs is just a proof of that. The lackluster vibe in these parties can be given a lifeline with a vintage photobooth.

Photobooth give people the privacy that they need to be their inane self by being covered with curtains. Nowadays, photobooths are equipped with high definition cameras which makes each and every moment captured in the booth a special one. Most photobooth cork service providers provide props, carpets and curtains along with the photobooth.

This makes photobooth the most interesting and entertaining place in the party where people can click pictures while also being able to share them with friends and family via social media. The selfie generation has made only a couple of picture poses popular but the old school photobooths give people the opportunity to be their true self in front of the camera.

Photobooths can be leased on hourly basis from such service providers. The most common services provided by them include unlimited prints for pictures while also providing digital copies of all pictures. These companies also provide captioning the photographs with a personalized message from the hosts while also providing a uniformed attendant to ensure the photobooth functions smoothly.

There are many companies providing photobooth for hire and one such company is Team BAWE (Black and White Events). Team BAWE provides vintage photobooths for all types of gatherings whether wedding ceremonies or a private party. The company also provides themed props based on the occasion.

About Team BAWE:

Team BAWE provides the best photobooth hire services across Ireland. The company’s photobooths have a reputation of breathing new life into boring parties, a feat matched by no other photobooth company. For more information on Black and White Events, log on to: