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Take YouTube Live for iPhone with Excellent New Software

The internet has made worldwide communication so easy that it is practically possible to stay in touch with anyone, anywhere and at any time. With the coming of social media, the world started to knit itself the widest network of contacts and with the largest possible coverage. This coverage through live events for YouTube can be used for promotion, acquiring fame and popularity and for basic advertising. In such an exciting era where it is so easy to reach out to people, what is the best way to do so?

Providing creative audio/visual content for potentially new audience is the best method of promotion for anyone, and doing it live is simply just going the extra mile. A live telecast is the best way of engaging an enormous audience for an event which has obvious geographical and physical restrictions. The concept of live broadcasting dates back to the 1950’s when the first television broadcast was aired. However, the extreme advancements in our technology have recently given the power of live broadcasting to everyone who’s anyone.

Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and many such social media platforms have enabled the live broadcasting feature. Live events for YouTube have a huge appeal in the market for the advertisers. First of all, broadcasting a live event makes your content rare, and urgent. It creates a sense of immediate attention for people to check it out since it might or might not be available later. This eliminates the tendency of the audience to take the content for granted, since something that is readily available has a significantly less appeal than something as imperative as a live broadcast.

Accessible by majority of smartphones available everywhere in the world, the live telecasting feature on Facebook, even allows you to save the feed for later and view it like a real time live video with the comments appearing at the same time as they did during the telecast. Cameleon is a software application developed by Yatko, a New York based company and is available for iPhones, Mac and Windows computers, the brilliance of this app lies in the way it makes the process of going live through various platforms, a cake walk. So for instance, if you want your content to be broadcasted live for YouTube audience, all you have to do upon downloading the software is add a camera, and you’re done!

About Yatko: Yatko is a software company best known for their application Cameleon which enables you to go on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube live for iPhone , Mac and Windows computers. For more information, visit